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Stating you’re guilty doesn’t mean you are.

Comment 12th July 2010

I was in a position where I made a confession because I wanted to get out of the whole courts thing and wanted to put the whole thing behind me and it was not physically possible for me to come periodically flying over here from the States to see it through.  npugwash on page 38 mentioned this and I thought Halleluljah someone else knows this is happening.  Then someone else probably in policing said, no need of further evidence.  One reason why they say this is to make it easier for themselves.  I had a policeman who said if you tell us the truth now it's easier for you because if they find out later…problem is I twisted the truth when first asked and then I thought that will now work against me so I thought if I'm ging to be found guilty at the end of a long trial I might get it over and done with now, it will stay for a few years and then hopefully be spent, how wrong I was.  Now I know that if I fought it had an excellent lawyer who I paid well and was court savvy I would have got off, millions do.  The problem with my case was completely innocent but I was not believed.  I didn't have influential people who said I am clearly innocent, impose a fine for which I will later get paid and not having to go through a trial with handcuffs and get fed cell food, like the General Attorney case.  Or even Harman's case which she admitted but the charge dropped for some reason or other.  They are taking the mickey now.  A conviction is not a fact, the lawyer was legal aid, he didn't tell me that confession meant guilty and I cannot turn back ever because a guilty verdict cannot be overturned unless-there are a number of reasons.  The sorry thing is that good intentions have landed me in this mess and if I was criminally savvy I would have known what to do and I wouldn't be writing this today.  My lawyer rambled on, I didn't know half of what he was saying as I thought I wanted to get out and he did say maybe the police won't find out something (trying to give me a whole picture of everything)  but then I got confused because another policeman warned me that if they later find out something you said wasn't true it will be worse for you so I thought, I'll plead guilty withing a month I was free.  Now I see that you can hit someone on CCTV others do too, one pleads not guilty because he has lots of money and the best lawyers money can buy, sees the trial through which could take years and get acquitted and those who plead guilty because they don't have the strength to see it through well they're stuck with a record for life and when they retire, with the laws Labour imposed, the one acquitted can make a cup of tea for the old and vulnerable and the ones not cannot.  Do they think that they will beat the old people up?  Guilty does not mean they are really necessarily guilty.  What is worse is when you tell them in court something which is the honest truth and they do not believe it.  I have to guess that they get lied to so much that when they are given the truth they don't believe it.  This is the world we live in.  When a solicitor pointed out that something innocent which doesn't look innocent at all happened they still gave me a list of what I was guilty of, mid way I thought what but that is not right, but it was easier to accept and leave get the hell out.  A bit like the girl who kissed her partner in Dubai, she took a month in prison just to get it over and done with.

Why does this matter?

People are suffering.

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