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stealth tax parking meters

Comment 6th July 2010

There should be law, brought in over time,  to ban machines which do not give change and which "accept overpayment".  They appear everywhere, primarily in car parks but elsewhere too and are a form of theft.  Taking a car park as an example, either the machine should give change or it should credit the person with a permitted period of parking which reflects the payment.  At the moment if an hour costs 60p and you only have a £1 coin you pay £1 for an hour's parking.  I suggest that machines should either give you 40p back or that tariffs are managed in such a way that the machine can give you 100mins parking.  A small thing I know, but the current position is unfair and dishonest.    

Why does this matter?

It would be a small symbol of the need for local authorities and others to provide a service to their customers and to be honest with them.  It is more difficult to develop the "big society" when public institutions are effectively robbing their citizens. 

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