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Sto[ the growing trend of legal highs by legalizing cannabis

Comment 12th July 2010

Circa $354billion a year is what the drug trade is worth (u.n info) so it is obvious to all that people want drugs, i wont continue to state the obvious…

With kids these days searching for a high on next to no money it is no wonder these legal highs are appealing to youngsters, some of these youngsters react badly and the papers go off on a witch hunt and another substance is put on list making way for a new chemical mix to hit the streets. see a patern here?

Cannabis has a long HISTORY and CULTURAL following and is a safer alternative to many legal drugs being sold around the world.

By legalising cannabis people will not hold as much interest in the new chemical mixes being sold week in week out.


This safer alternative to many legal drugs sold world wide would cut the risk of people taking an unknown substance because "its legal and i wont get in trouble"

Why does this matter?

To save the health of people who want to be high "legally"

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