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Stop all translation services for all but the indiginous languages of the British Isles.

Comment 3rd July 2010

Councils and the NHS etc spend millions each year providing translators and having signs translated into multiple languages. This is Great Britain, all immigrants now have to pass an English test so therefore there is no need to spend money on translation services. If a person needs one then they should provide it themselves as oyu have to do in Germany and France. This does not include languages indiginous to this great country ie Welsh, Gailic, Scots, Cornish etc.

Why does this matter?

This would save a lot of money. I was watching a programme just before the election on look east. They spoke to a woman in Luton who had been here for 35 years and could barely get by speaking English. As she happily pointed out that she had no need to as everything was translated for her for free.

This would create integration and go some way to stopping racism as well.

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