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Stop Automatically Fining Us!

Comment 5th July 2010

No fine or forefeit without a chance to put our case.  Scrap the automated autocourt system built by robots for robots.  Stop the disease of "penalty charges" infecting just about everything now.

If i get a parking ticket and a fine of up to £100 I want my day in court to fight my case.  Not an automatically generated letter by and automatically generated robot for an automatically generated fine.

Our lives are busy and stressful enough – work with us, not against us!

Why does this matter?

There is no better way to make people feel unimportant and out of control of their lives than the continual barage of penalty charges and fines imposed automatically by parking wardens, banks, Inland Revenue, clampers and just about anyone else who wants a bite of the cherry.  Most of us just scrape by, even less so now the political classes have cocked up the economy and want more money to pay it back.

Stop treating us like cattle.

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