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Stop charging me for my address

Comment 2nd July 2010

Currently the Post Office charge Local Councils to use my address in their systems, even though the council assigned the address in the first place, through their Street Naming and Numbering system. I think this is outrageous and should be stopped, the address should be free for my council, governement agencies, departments, charites etc to use. 

Why does this matter?

I have to pay my council tax first for them to create the address, but then the council has to pay the Post Office (who did not create the address)  to continue to use my address in their systems. How can the Post Office who did not create the address in the first place, claim ownership and then charge me (through my council tax rates) for the council to use it for their non profit society duties.

The amount of money and time that is wasted with all this unnecessary cross charging not only for addresses, but Ordnance Survey maps etc, could save the government a fortune. 

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