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Stop Clampers Charging Extorionate Fees

1 Comment 5th August 2010

Many reputable businesses hand car park management over to reputable clamping firms. They allow them to run car parks as a money making concession. Worse than that, the owner requires clampers to do that.

The reason is simple: the owner does not pay the clamper. The only money they get is when they actually clamp a car or van. They don't get paid for patrolling, putting up signs, deterring car thieves, etc. These routine activities are 100% cross-subsidised by clamping.

It does not cost £130 to fit a clamp when patrolling a car park anyway. It does not cost £130 to travel 100 yards and remove it. But it may cost that to employ someone full time and patrol at other times. This cross-subsidy is fundamentally wrong.

Make these contracts for no set fee illegal. Require the land owner to pay a Patrol Fee that covers the clampers day to day costs (or give them a cut of parking meter) and limit Release Fees to a cost that reflects reasonable time and effor for someone already in the area, with a mild punative element – say £20 total. Do not factor in the initial cost of clamping, as that can onlt happen if they are already in the area.

Why does this matter?

Clamping release fees are out of all proportion to the time and effort required.

In some cases clampers are forced to charge high fees because their contracts distort activities and do not reward them for regular patrols.

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One Response to Stop Clampers Charging Extorionate Fees

  1. Paul Knight says:

    Wheel clamping should be banned full stop. Why should it be legal to clamp a car and force people to pay extortionate fines way out of proportion to the cost of the parking ticket I purchased a half hour ticket back before xmas and went to the bank to get cash out then went straight back and bought a 2 hour ticket before the half hour one ran out, the two hour ticket unfortunately slipped down into the back of the dashboard without me realising ( the ticket wasn’t a sticky one) when I got back to my car on time there was a parking fine slapped on my windscreen. so I photocopied both tickets and went straight to the council to prove I had a valid ticket but they wouldn’t accept it and said it should have been displayed correctly. I explained “had it been a sticky one it would still have been where i placed it” they said that’s not their problem so I refused to pay it. next thing I knew my car was clamped and they charged me £380 to remove it. if that’s not legalised theft I don’t know what is. my car is worth about £7k how can they be allowed to take a £7k motor for a £380 fine if I didn’t have the money to pay the fine I would have lost my car so a misplaced valid parking ticket would have cost me £7k that’s seriously wrong.

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