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Stop compulsory fitting of Water Meters

2 Comments 15th July 2010

First I must say what a good idea this site is.  I wish to highlight the situation regarding water meters which I regard as disgraceful.  Water meters are to be fitted to every home with the message that they will save money for the occupiers.  This is not strictly true.  The users are not saving, they are simply reducing their quality of life by buying less water.  You could equally save money buy buying less bread.  I have relatives who use their toilets then go into the garden to their water butt with a bucket to flush it.  Others save the cold water that initially emerges from their shower.  This is not England as it should be.  People are just buying less water and it is not necessary.  Anyone who lives close to a reservoir as I do knows that they are not empty.

I have received a letter from Anglian water which is deceitful.  The whole idea of a company spending many millions of pounds fitting meters in order to reduce their income is laughable.  It is so obvious that the cost of water will rocket when meters are fitted everywhere.  The letter even tells me that our area gets less rainfall than some parts of Africa.  Of course we do, they are referring to the areas of rainforest.

We are continually informed by the press that billions of gallons of water are lost through leaks in the piping system.  My idea is that the water companies should be made to invest their funds in repairing this pipework and establishing a national grid instead of fitting compulsory meters to fill their coffers

Why does this matter?

The importance is that water is such an essential in life itself and however the water companies try to present it there is plenty for everyone.  The necessity for any hosepipe ban is always just a temporary affair.  My idea would raise hygiene standards and public morale as well as family incomes.   We are not a third world water carrying country,  We are England.

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2 Responses to Stop compulsory fitting of Water Meters

  1. Dave Rado says:

    Ridiculous idea. Compulsory water metering is used in many countries in Europe, who are far less wasteful with water than we are in the UK. Using more water than you need is not at all comparable with going without bread that you need. And if you only use water you need, you will pay far less with metering than without (I’ve paid well under half my previous bill since I’ve had metering).

  2. Robert says:

    Water should only be billed for when we are in drought conditions. A full reservoir benefits no one. Usage can only be considered wasteful if it endangers health and the environment. Restricting water usage when it is not really necessary is a miserable and il conceived piece of legislation…this is what the Water Meter does…most of the time. I’m looking foreword to the personal ‘Air meter’…an end to party balloons…and idle chat.

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