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Stop Early Release Of Prisoner’s

Comment 26th July 2010

I am amazed that the police, courts, probation service spend so much time dealing with repeat offenders who have been released from prison early.

As an example only this week a person who was sentenced to 8 years in 2007 for conspiracy to commit armed robbery was free to walk the streets 3 years and four months later to then go on to plan another armed robbery.

Why does this matter?

Clearly its costs a lot of money to keep criminals in prison. However does it not cost a lot more when they are released early and then go on to commit other offences. They don't surrender to police they have to be caught. Whilst the police are hunting them down they aren't doing other valuable things. The police then have to prepare a prosecution and the courts are used. It must cost a small fortune to process these people.

If they are jailed for a period of time, then keep them in for that period of time. Sadly the Rose Coloured Spectacles only work in fiction. 

Let the police catch them and the courts sentence them. Then please let the prisons keep them. IT will save the country millions. 

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