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Stop landlords being allowed to exclude benefit claimants from renting thier property

Comment 23rd July 2010

I believe it is terrible that private landlords are allowed to advertise "no benefit claimants" when looking for tennants.

The wages these days are generally low and many families have to claim housing benefit to help them to pay their rent, even though one or even both of them is working.

It restricts the houses available to these people, meaning that sometimes they may not even be able to find affordable housing in a suitable area, for example near to childrens schools etc

Anybody who can afford to pay the rent for a property, be it alone, or with the help of housing benefit, should be entitled to rent it, it should not be allowed for landlords to descriminate against people just because they are not high wage earners.

Would be interested to hear others views on this

I would also like to add, that i am not in this category at present and so it does not currently affect me, but i often have thought this is unfair on many people.

Why does this matter?

To give private tennants more choice and freedom to live where they choose

To stop unfair treatment of people who are low wage earners

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