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Stop ‘not displaying car tax disc’ being an offence if you have paid online

Comment 7th July 2010

Many motorists pay for car tax online and in this day and age it means that we often have to wait for the car tax disc to arrive in the post yet we've already physically paid.

I've heard of many people being prosecuted for driving without a car tax disc yet they've already paid online and can prove it, it is detected via ANPR, and even with a receipt/reference number, they are still prosecuted.

This is simply not fair when ANPR systems exist which can detect tax is paid.

I think the car tax disc system is long due an overhaul when the ANPR database exists and I think the car tax disc is no longer necessary.

Why does this matter?

The government can rake in a hefty fine from innocent and law abiding road users who are not sure on this grey area of the law.

Motorists pay enough as it is!

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