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Stop or reduce CSA payments for mothers who stop fathers seeing their children

2 Comments 11th August 2010

I suggest the government stop the CSA payments or reduce them for fathers who are stopped from seeing their children by vindictive ex partners. This could be linked in with the family courts to discourage mothers acting inappropriately with access to the children..

Why does this matter?

To give fathers some justice in how they are dealt with.

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2 Responses to Stop or reduce CSA payments for mothers who stop fathers seeing their children

  1. ruth says:

    Im a mum who became ill and father has custody – i have not seen my son for over 2 and a half yrs, i am terrified of my ex and to think hes with his abusive dad hurts. I was fair when i had custody – he had open access – he is using our son to get at me – i will not pay csa untill i see my son and i will go to court over this – the powers that be should take into account the control that parents with the child has – c u in court soon

  2. davinia scully says:

    Yes I think this should be done as my partner hasn’t been able to see his son since his ex decided to go to CSA and then she lied to them sayin he hadn’t paid a penny to her for him wen everymonth he paid without fail … She has stopped him from seeing him as she knows if she let’s him have him 52 nights a year they will halve the payments as they class it as shared care now he hasn’t been able to see him for a hole year as all she is bothered about is the money not a stable and happy child who needs a relationship with his father

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