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Stop persecuting motorists

Comment 28th July 2010

Stop persecuting motorists and treating them as a caash cow from which to raise even more tax revenues.


Some examples of this persecution are:

* Speed cameras – excessive speed only accounts for 7.3% of all accidents. Bad driving is the big contributor

* Yet another reduction in the alchol limit – drunk driving is not one of the major causes og accidents

* Remove "sleeping policemen" and "speed Cushions". They severely damgage car tyres and suspension systems. Furthermore, due to the slowing down and acceleration of vehicles the additional carbon produced from burnt fuel is detrimental to the environment. The money saved sould be spent on repairing potholes

* Reduce the varied Road Fund Licence fees to affordable levels. £400 for a family car is just too much 

Why does this matter?

Giving motorists a fair break will remove their feelings of being unfairly targeted by moneymaking schemes

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