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Stop persecuting the Disabled

Comment 6th July 2010

Why are those on Disability Benefits always seen as a scapegoat by politicians Mr Clegg? Is it really worth constantly harassing those least able to defend themselves just to look good in the tabloids? All for the sake of saving maybe £1 billion. Corporate tax evasion costs the UK £30 billion per year but the physically and mentally disabled who depend on benefits to live can't afford the best lawyers so are obviously a much easier target. You're causing unacceptable stress to the most vulnerable in society for the sake of a headline, I hope you're prepared for the consequences when the stories of people dying and the mentally ill reaching breaking point take the headlines instead.

The DWP has full legal access to the medical records of claimants. Please read them instead of wasting millions on never ending questionnaires and medical assessments. Our Doctors and Consultants aren't liars even if you think all disabled people must be.

Why does this matter?

Disabled people didn't cause the banking crisis, the banks did. Our benefits won't bridge the economic gulf you've been left with Mr Clegg, honest. Leave them alone please.


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