Stop police holding data for 100 years

Currently the police can give people a warning on very minor nuisance issues, record that information and keep it for 100 years.  This needs to be scrapped especially in the cases of children.  If police are not giving a formal caution or proceeding with an interrogation or arrest, police only need to keep this information for  2 years absolute maximum.

Why does this idea matter?

There can be no justification for the police to keep information on people for 100 years.  That affects not only the person involved, but several generations of their family for a century.  The keep data that long can only be for social profiling reasons and it is unacceptable for people to be tarred with a black mark for the whole of their lives, just for having a conversation with the police.  This is especially true for children who are blighted by this before they get to adulthood.

It also puts a distance between the police and the community and will stop people cooperating with the police if they know they will be locked into a database for a century for giving the police their name.

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