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Comment 12th August 2010

I would like to see a much fairer access to justice. Recent laws have made it impossible for ordinary citizens to take court action without the use of a lawyer or a barrister, who, in the past I have found , with respect, to be rude, incompetent and arrogant to clients. The small claims court limits should be raised to £20K and more assistance should be given to those who want to do things themselves.

I am very concerned about the decison in the 1980s for lawyers to advertise their services as some of their compensation adverts are agressive and imply a monopoly situation. Many people nowadays are so scared of doing anything in case they get sued that, with respect,  the lawyers and barristers are becoming enemies of our democracy and freedoms.

The adversarial nature of some aspects of the law put people off going to court as it is too stressful because of the barristers and this is severe hindrance to justice. 

I think it is essential that the Government faces down the lawyers on their reluctance to competively bid their services on areas such as legal aid as all other public-funded departments have to tender their services in a competetive environment. The provsion of lawyers – which ultimately is only a service – should be no exception.

Finally, I am also concerned about the influence of freemasonry in the legal profession and the judiciary.  According to reports, I understand that freemasonary has some very anti-Jewish and  anti-Christian themes in its doctrine (some people claim it is devil worship) and, most worringly, that a freemason who signals to a judge who is fellow mason must be given preferential treatment in court. If true, this is a very serious threat to truth and justice in our courts systems.

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Why does this matter?

Becuase I regard justice to be so important, but have seen a monopoly situation grow and a nasty greedy culture adopted which is threatening our democracy and freedoms.

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