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Stop punishing middle earners and provide affordable childcare

Comment 5th July 2010

Stop the unfairness where hard working families on middle income are worse off than peope claiming benefits.

We both work and we have three children. I lose over half my wages in childcare costs because we don't get a penny towards the costs but I need to keep working to pay the mortgage. 

There are many people I know who get their income put up by tax credits, they get housing benefit and all their childcare paid. They have flatscreen tellies, i phones and go on holidays abroad…something is not right here  and now the government are  considering taking child benefit away as well..the only benefit we are entitled to….  please get real.

Why do you punish those who work hard  but  are happy to give to those who know how to play the system.  A family earning £40-50k are by no means rich. Just look at house prices and the cost of living and CHILDCARE costs.  Nurseries charge over £40 a day !!!!  Why can't the government provide reasonable priced childcare costs

Why does this matter?

because there are so many 'on the lower end of 'middle income'  who feel betrayed by the government. 

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