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Stop reinventing the wheel for climate change organisations

Comment 26th July 2020

Government keeps reinventing the wheel.  Every year a new round of funding comes from government looking at how we can reduce the effects on climate change but instead of building on what is working they are looking for new ideas to pilot and stick a government badge on.

Why not support what is already out there and help develop this rather than starting again from an unproven blueprint?

 Keep binging out new organisations only confuses the general public and depletes funding.

I have found this particularly frustrating for The Greening Campaign that is a proven programme and yet has little support from government because it is not a 'pilot' that someone can stick a badge on for 6 months before it gets dropped.

Government support is important and yet elusive for community groups in the long term.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important because:

  • It builds on programmes that are proven rather than keep putting money into unproven schemes
  • It allowes programmes that are successful to develop and build ideas
  • It builds on existing knowledge
  • It reduces the plethery of organisations all competing and not communicating for fear of giving away ideas for funding
  • If government works with those organisations that are already working with communities then they are working with the organisations that communities are responding to by voting with their feet
  • It offers stability

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