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Stop Schools confiscating children’s packed lunched

Comment 17th July 2010

Some schools confiscate a child's packed lunch if it is deemed to contain more than one unhealthy item.  This is a blatant infringement upon civil liberties.  Yes healthy eating is important and is to be encouraged but a school should not have the right to search children's lunch boxes and confiscate them if a parent has decided to give their child 2 biscuits instead of one.   People should be allowed to make their own informed decisions.  

Why does this matter?

It takes away a parents right to feed their child what they believe is appropriate and it forces another view point onto the child.  It is also upsetting for the child to suddenly have their lunch taken away from them.  It is an example of school's meddling beyond their remit and yet another example of a big brother state.

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