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Stop the 3% Water Extraction Licence fee (tax) for Domestic Hydro Power

2 Comments 19th August 2010

Currently domestic hydro electricity generators are assumes to loose 3% of the water used. This is just a stealth tax on hydro electric production. (commercial hydro schemes are assumes to have losses of only 0.3%)

The assumed 3% losses are probably about 10 times more than the real losses and as the hydro electric scheme will be next to a river then any water that escapes will quickly end up in the river. Losses should therefore be assumed to be zero.

This removes the need to have an extraction licence.

Why does this matter?

To encourage domestic hydro electric schemes.

To simplify the generation of hydro electricity

To simlify the administration of water extraction licences.

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2 Responses to Stop the 3% Water Extraction Licence fee (tax) for Domestic Hydro Power

  1. Spike says:

    A Water Extraction licence is an archaic imposition, unnecessary red tape and disincentive for micro generation. ‘They’ may own the water but all of it is being returned. Only Gravity is being used.
    If they need to employ lots of Civil Servants, should there be a Feed In Tariff for any water supplied back to the Authority ?

  2. david jones says:

    If the government wants us to be green by 2020 why charge us for using free energy from running water driving a micro turbine??

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