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Stop the Advertisement and Marketing of Dangerous Drugs to our Children

Comment 7th July 2010

The advertising and promotion of cigarettes and alcohol outside of licensed premises should be banned.

Any fair and just society should do this to protect each other.


However, it seems the money and influence of the businesses involved will not allow this.

Why does this matter?

Politicians are elected to make a difference. This is an example where they can. Of our 650 members of parliament, I wonder how many will bother?

The rest of the world sees us as we are. We are a society that promotes and abuses drugs. We act as if we were angels ourselves and pass judgement on others from a moral stance for which there is no evidencial foundation.

We are unlikely to be able to sell our form of democracy to anyone else will the promotion of drug use as part of the "package".

The Taliban see this and supply us with drugs to pay for their war.

People should be free to take drugs like alcohol or tobacco if they wish, it is their life after all, but advertising and promotion should be banned.


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