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Stop the audit commission using the discriminatory “Equality Framework for Local Government”

Comment 6th July 2010

The Audit Commission quango criticises councils who don't buy in to the "Equality Framework for Local Government". This obliges councils to impose what could appear to be racist and sexist hiring and promotion policies.

When it comes to jobs, phrases such as the following come across as carefully worded newspeak for illegal racist and sexist discrimination, totally unrelated to the ability of any individual to do their job:

Quote from EFLG: "It has set appropriate corporate and service and or unit employment and pay-related objectives for race, gender, disability and age, religion and or belief and sexual orientation."

Discrimination in favour of any section of society implies discrimination against everyone else. Either you're for discrimination, or you're against it – positive or otherwise.

Laws against discrimination in the workplace already exist, so the "Equality Framework for Local Government" should be scrapped (and the audit commission should stop this sort of assessment).

Why does this matter?

Prevents council officers from feeling that they have to impose illicit racist and sexist hiring and promotion policies in order for their council to achieve better ratings.

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