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Stop the discrimination against the role of a mother in the law govening registration of a marriage

Comment 6th July 2010

I think the outdated law which governs registration of a marriage in order to get a marriage Certificate should be reviewed as it discriminates against the role of a mother and breaches her human rights.


I am getting married in October and was really surprised to find that although both fathers’ details are recoded and acknowledged no details of the important role of a mother was requested or documents – The mother is simply air brushed out as if of no significance!


This I feel is a prejudicial omission and flies in the face of a woman’s equal role in playing a huge part in raising a child to adulthood. Since the Coalition Government states it is to promote the role of a family the omission of the role of a mother on a legal document of a Marriage Certificate fundamentally fails to afford equality of rights and respect to the role of a Mother within a family

I feel the law should be updated to recognise the equality of right legislation of a woman and value the mother as much and the father in the recording of a Marriage Registration form



Why does this matter?

The recognition of the mothers details along with the fathers details gives equal rights to the role of both a father and a mother in raising a child to adulthood. 

In the year 2010 a Mothers role should be acknowledged as being fundamentally important and recorded on the registration of a marriage registration certificate. It is a breach of human rights and a mothers civil libities to omit the Mothers details and only record and aknowlede a fathers role in raising a child to adulthood and marriage.



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