Stop the efforts to force digital radio on the public

In our household we have 3 portable radios, 4 plug in radios, and 3 car radios. They all work well giving excellent reception. Whereas digital TV offered enhanced performance we can see no advantage at all in digital radio based on a 30 year old technology, in fact in many respects it is less user friendly.

The BBC is trying to force the move to digital radio by offering bribes to trade in our old radios (paid for out of the obligatory £3,6 billion license fee tax) and by putting popular sport and music programs on digital radio only (even though we all pay the same license fee).

Stop wasting public money on this project which is driven not by consumer demand but by the BBC's continual desire to find other ways to spend our money and build their empire yet further.

Why does this idea matter?

Public money is being wasted on a project which is not driven by public demand and brings no tangible benefit to the public.

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  1. We have 9 FM radios, they all work well, the one digital radio we have does not work at all and is used on FM.

    Switch radio to digital is totally different from switching TV in that the service will not dramatically improve. The switchover will make all of the FM radios redundent which is a total waste and not good for the environment.

    The only motivation for doing this is to free up the airways so the government can sell it off.

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