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Stop the introduction of Disability Allowance assessent tests for pensioners

Comment 2nd July 2010

Disability allowance medical assessment tests for over 65 year olds due to begin during 2013-2014 should not be introduced 

Why does this matter?

Giving medical assessments to people over pension age who recieve Disability Living Allowance is for one thing  a waste of money as this will not bring anyone into the jobs market also it will be putting a vunerable set of people through what for many will be a worrying and tramatic  experience ,thease people are not scroungers or lazy but older people who rely on this benefit in order to live an independent life and many rely on the mobility component without which they would be left housebound .Thease people where worried by the last Goverment when they were told that their D.L.A. may be withdrawn to fund a new social care plan but they thought that when this Goverment was elected that their benefit would be protected  but  this does not seem to be the case

It is very unfair to pick on older people who receive Disability Living Allowance when people of the same age who receive Attendance Allowance are not being targeted .This is causeing much stess and concern to many older people who have already proven their entitllement to this benefit so please dont put them through more stress and uncertainty

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