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Stop The Intrusion!

Comment 1st July 2010

Get rid of the sinister and intrusive x-ray scanners in airports, limit CCTV and stop snooping generally!

Why does this matter?

Let's start with X-Ray Scanners. They won't stop terrorism (mainly because measures like these are just stable door-bolting exercises) and are more there as an expression of state power for its own sake and yet more faintly unconvincing security theatre.

If terrorists want to attack airports or air transport, they will attempt to do so through a method not thought of yet. They're hardly going to try anything that would get them caught straight away, meaning that it is the general public (including children) who are punished for the actions of these criminals by being made, in effect, to disrobe in front of complete strangers. Only good intelligence will stop terrorism, the rest is simply government trying to show it is doing 'something'

Need I really mention that there is something inherently creepy about being strip-searched by anonymous officials? Or are we too brutalised by over a decade of knee-jerk surveillance culture? At the very least, give people the choice of being patted down instead of being scanned, or perhaps accept that all this paranoia won't stop anything in the first place. Free societies and a little bit of risk go hand in hand. Free societies also require a certain maturity.

CCTV is useless. It certainly didn't stop me being attacked five years ago, nor in many other cases. It is less about preventing crime and more about a blind lurch (if you'll pardon the irony) into surveillance. Who's at the other end of the camera? We don't know and yet are supposed to accept all this additional intrusion because it makes us 'safe'. Why? No one knows why. Someone just said it would.

I could carry on, but I know you've got lots more to read. Thank you for your time.

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