Stop the Lawyer & Accountant Gravy Train

Remove the need for lawyers and accountants when conducting everyday business. How?

  • New laws, rules and guidance must pass a simple comprehension test so that a reasonable person would be able to understand and implement. If it doesn't pass the test and it needs an expensive expert to give an 'opinion' it should not be put into force.
  • Old law, rules and guidance should be rapidly simplified and rewritten to pass the same test.
  • All law and guidance should be black and white.
  • Must be easy to implement.
  • Use check lists to allow easier compliance i.e. if you can satisfy these clear criteria you will have done what is required.
  • Standard business contracts introduced for most commercial transactions. Everything that is different can then be highlighted and addressed.

It is hardly in the legal profession's best interest to simplify the law or for accountants to have a simplified tax code. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas and it will take political courage to take on the vested interests involved. 

Why does this idea matter?

  • Incomprehensible laws and HMRC guidance place a massive drain on business and stifles growth
  • Makes business more competitive, increasing profitability and/or lowering prices to consumers
  • Will remove the stress or bad decisions when you cannot afford advice or just get a dreaded opinion which you cannot rely on (it often feels like you are gambling)

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