Stop the real benefit theives (the ones that are NEVER going to work!)

There should be a limit on job seekers allowance.  It should only be claimable for a short period of time.  People should be made to either work or support themselves if they don't want to work.  The tax payers are paying for a heavy group of people who will never work and continually use the benefits system to live.  The public are carrying some citizens which have never worked and yet feel it is their right to benefits.

In addition, people who have joined the English community from another country should have to wait at least 1 year of residing England before they are allowed to claim any benefits.

Why does this idea matter?

Save money

Give the tax paying public confidence that our government is strong enough against those that live off our benefits system

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  1. mike craig | 21/09/2012 at 2:27 am | Reply

    Your ‘idea’ has been introduced. Those claiming ESA will be cut off if they don’t look for work. Immigrant workers are not automatically entitled to benefits and have to have worked here for 2 years in order to qualify for social housing.
    If the richest tax-payers would pay their fair share you wouldn’t have to carry anyone, and if they did some work as well it might help all of us.

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