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Stop the tax on the personal use of music in the workplace and public places

Comment 3rd July 2010

I imagine most workers and office managers will be shocked to know/find out that if you listen to your radio or mp3 player on loudspeaker in a workplace, that you are breaching copyright law.

To ensure you aren't breaking the law when playing any music in your workplace, a 'Music Licence' must be obtained from PRS for Music.

To find out more about the rates you should be paying at work you can have a look here:

Even more worrying is that if you have a radio or mp3 player playing over a loudspeaker in a public space (for example you are sitting in a public garden enjoying some of the brilliant weather we've had recently and enjoying some music with your friends), you too could be breaching copyright law and would require a 'Music Licence'!

More details on the rates you need to pay can be found on the same organisation's website, here:

Please eliminate this ludicrous tax on human society's right and abilities to relax!

Why does this matter?

Every member of society should have the right to listen to music for non-commercial gains.

Music producers, publishers and artists already receive royalty fees from radio stations who play their music and from individuals who purchase and play their music.

A further non-sensical 'tax' like this should not be imposed on the public.

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