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Stop Waste Cartel’s & Cut unemployment Long term not short term

Comment 6th July 2010

To pay of the national debt as soon as possible we are going to have to see a huge increase in unemployment (coming mainly from the public sector short term) which is going to hurt a lot of people (some my friends) because councils and other public bodies will have to get back to basics and stop wasting money (before you disreguard this statement my business depends on the public sector) time and time again we lose business because the public sector (catching in the private sector) wants a paper chase so that if anything goes wrong they have somebody to blame, therefore bringing in contractors that will charge ten times what we charge then they get us to do the job because we can (and more often than not they can not do the job proper though they are better than me at paperwork).

Next we have to start installing pride back into people making people feel as though they have a place and a reason to be doing their job (instead of being put down by some jobsworthon a salary of ££££££)

Then we have to take the greed out of society( I want this now without saving)  make sure crime does not pay  and turn the country round

Then I ask a question

Why should a counci, farmer or joe blogs be liable for every trip on the ground that happens and pay ££££££ because somebody does not look where they are going?

I could go on for a long time but for some little reason I can not see any MP's reading this or it it making any difference.

Our Business has been going for 25 Years in June, we do not advertise, all our work is repeat business or recomendation our knowledge is vast in our field, we are about to take on our first new employee in two years, nearly all our profits for the last four years have been sucked up by ever changing  European regulations which keep changing the goal posts every time we meet them (baring in mind these costs are the same for a company on a £100,000.00 turnover or a £1000,000,000.00 turnover though not % wise (one up for the cartel) and there is a European wide cartel operated by Glav—–, Sai– Gobai– & Pilk——-'s and with changing building regulations in this country (October 2010) where new building regulations are to be brought in where the UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN  Does not have the capacity to do do the new testing in time and half the companies especialy woodworking working in the have not got a clue about the new regulations and will be breaking the law (just like all the cowboys who will carry on as normal)

My working day starts at 5.30am and finishes between 8pm & 11pm and I am on the verge of throwing in the towel and closing down (5.30am go to work arive 6.10am start paperwork, 7.30am-7.45am start work, finish work 3.30pm At the latest then collect paperwork, 4pm leave for home, 5pm arrive home, shower & have dinner then start paperwork till between 8pm & 11pm just to keep up with regulations (please add 2 hours per day per week if I have a day or two off.

Why does this matter?

Why cannot a Police officer police the streets?

Because he is doing his paperwork (give him back his truncheon)


ps where I state him I mean Him or Her

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