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Stopping the War in Afghanistan

Comment 5th July 2010

Most Afghans don't care about Coalition philosophy v. Taliban philosophy – both sides are foreign and irrelevant. What they care about -like all of us – is money.

So why not rip out all the poopy fields and get them all growing apricots and other things that their soil can take. Then every government in the world could agree to buy the apricots et c. at massively inflated prices (all the governments shouldering it together would hardly feel the financial pain of this – certainly not compared to the financial strains of war). The governments could then sell the produce to their supermarkets at rock bottom prices. All over the world we'd be queueing up to buy delicious cheap apricots.

And the Taliban would die: if every farmer had the choice between earning huge sums growing and selling apricots or small sums risking their lives for the Taliban, the Taliban would have virtually no followers.

Why does this matter?

Because it would save millions of lives per year, stop the war and the killing, save billions of pounds across the world and put a smile on lots of faces.

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