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Street And Road Clutter To Be Removed. Thank You Eric Pickles.

Comment 26th August 2010

To encourage more direct intervention by ministers to speed up and give moral and actual authority to effect the removal of the growing menace and danger of notices, signs and any other distracting rubbish put up by local councils and the police on mororways, roads, streets and anywhere else they fancy.

Why does this matter?

The idea is impotant because it goes to the root of the over-cautious risk averse culture of blame and responsibility avoidance induged in by Britain's public services. local authporities and the police are guilty of creating unwanted and unnecessary clutter to cause distractions to motorists and to provide excuses for themselves for every conceivable situation.

The clutter is actually very dangerous. It can consist if large garishly cloured signs, flashing lights and other daft distractions on busy roads and junctions. We need fewre signs and more proper direction signs in order to navigate and find our way quickly and without confusion.

This measure will give great savings and force local authorities and the police to be more resonsible and responsive to real dangers and needs.

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