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strengthen ofsted but disband local authority officers who interpret dfe docs

Comment 7th July 2010

I think we have to strengthen ofsted but slim documentation about curriculum expectations down to "that which will be inspected" especially early years curricula interpretations. Ofsted criteria should be clearer so school know expectations- schools should be told after sats results are published if they will be inspected in the current academic year. I have been expecting Ofsted for the past month and although our results are better than ever and attainment continues to be outstanding the stress to myself and staff is very wearing- we will probably have to be on high alert through sept and october.

I feel we need to test science again at ks 2 as this gives priority to the subject and less able children can do well.

How does this save money? by having clearer ofsted criteria and guidance Headteachers can dispense with the plethora of local authority inspectors who have made an industry of interpretation. We do need local authority school improvement partners but they need to target activities to schools in greatest need. Schools should only be required to have a teaching policy a learning policy a curricula policy a safety policy  and possibly a fairness statement to mop up pay ,discrimination and complaints. I am overwhelmed by Hampshires current Health and Safety audit requirements, and have printed out hundreds of documents-

Why does this matter?

We need to cut LA beaurocracy we need to strengthen ofsted and make headteachers clearer about expectations so that they can bring their schools to a minimum standard but then have the freedom to extend and diversify – if a scool continues with significantly above national results tell them which term they will have a light touch inspection which only needs to be 1day

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