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Strengthen right of conscience and religious liberties

Comment 21st July 2010

Recent regulations under the Human Rights Act have severely undermined the right of a person to live and work by their conscience especially in the fields of family and sexual ethics. This right should be restored and strengthened so as a respect this basic right.

Similarly, recent regulations have forced people of faith and high ethical belief to accept the moral standards required by the Government.  This is wrong and should be abolished. There is growing evidence of Christians being persecuted for their  faith.  This is wholly wrong and should be stopped.    The Human Rights Act should be abolished as it has no recognisable basis in ethic or even religious teaching but is based on libertarian,  moral hedonism and purely individual attitudes.  Any new act on Rights should have  an agreed basis in high ethical  teaching and agreed basis of this country's Christian foundations.   Such a basis would be very tolerant and safeguard the vulnerable.

Why does this matter?

Rights of conscience and religious liberties are the foundations of rights and responsibilities and need protection in any civilised society.

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