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Stricter Regime for Dog Owners

Comment 4th July 2010


I make the following recommendations: (i). All dogs when in public spaces – woods, parks, highways, golf courses and so on – must be on a lead at all times. Dog owners who flout this law are to be fined. The burden for ensuring that their dogs do not harm or harass other users of public spaces falls firmly on the dog owner(s); (ii). All dog owners are to have full insurance for all the dogs they own. Failure to have insurance shall incur heavy fines in the first instance; (iii). All dog owners must possess a license. A part of the fee levied can be used to fund dog wardens on local councils. I see no reason why those members of the public who do not have dogs should have to bear the costs – funding dog wardens – incurred by sentimental and selfish dog owners; Penalties for dog owners who go to work and leave their dogs to bark all day must also be tightened up.

Why does this matter?

Dog owners are quite within their rights to use public spaces but far too many dog owners – the majority – are selfish and become very aggressive when you point out to them that you do not want to be mauled or slobbered over by their favourite canines. Children, in particular, feel very threatened. The civil liberties of those of us who do not own dogs and do not wished to be harassed by dogs need to be protected. I would like to see a much tighter legal and financial regime applied to dog owners than is currently the case.

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