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Comment 6th July 2010

Since taking up hunting again two three years ago,  I realise that one of the huge benefits of it to a rural community is the sense of commitment to a community.   Although our hunt is very small in terms of country and field,  it is in a truly rural area, and the wide commitment to its continueing existence is something that binds many, many people together.  Many of whom have never hunted or not done so for a long time, but are committed to both the sense of community that a hunt engenders, and also for the true love of the countryside, which is to protect wildlife in a natural way.   Sick and injured foxes are put out of their misery in an efficient and instant way.  You wil never find a fox that has been injured by hounds, only those that have been injured by trapping or shot at.

Why does this matter?

My idea is important, because this country often lacks a sense of community and anything that binds people together is good.  In this case it is an outdoor, healthy pursuit.

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