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Sunset clause added to all new laws and review of old ones

Laws dating from ancient times may not be applicable any more and open to abuse and mis-interpretation.  I say review the old laws and scrap those with no bearing on kmodern life, and add a sunset vlause to any new laws meaning that they need to be reviewed at pre-agreed intervals and updated or replaced when no longer appropriate or applicable.

Why does this matter?

Times they are a changing and it may be that what we find unacceptable today may well be commonplace/practice in the future.  So any law older then say 50 years should be reviewed and "updated" to ensure modern day relevance.  Just like a best before date on perishables, any new law imposed on the people of the land from today should have a "best under these conditions" statement or "for review in 50 years or less" added.  That way our legislature will keep up to date and maintain its relevance and earn the respect of those subjected to it in the ever changing modern society of the today and the future.

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