Support Tail Docking

Repeal the tail docking ban. The arguements for the ban were superficial and contradictory to other cosmetic practices allowed ( e.g. dew clawing,  sterilisation of young bitches etc) . Also docking by rubber band is COMPLETELY painless.

The only suffering I have ever witnessed during a docking was that performed by a vet — obviously trying to make a point.

The last people qualified to talk about docking are vets —- they know nothing about it having not been trained in it for decades now !!

As for a dog  needing a tail to express itself go and get a life !! Open your eyes and look at traditionally docked breeds and see the tail/body movement that shows real expression !!

Why does this idea matter?

The ban on docking is unnecessary.

It is selective political correctness that contributes nothing to any quality of life arguement !!

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