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Sustainabilty – Civil Service pensions

Comment 6th July 2010

Everyone is aware of the current financial climate and the aims of all and sundry with regard to sustainabilty.Clearly this country and others cannot afford the increasing triple burden created of many years of an expanding Public Sector, linked to final salary indexlinked pensions and the possibilty of early retirement. It is clearly also the single largest non sustainble item in the UK's present and future planning.That it has been identified in the past and no action taken for many years is testament to the power of the Civil Service, and Local Government to maintain it's vested interest by threats of action, implied or real.The Health Service is now so mis managed in spite of increased funds paying for thousands of adminstrators producing meaningless data that few will ever act upon.

So idea 1- Phase out final pension schemes over five years with no new entrants to the scheme from Jan 1 2011. Have the same pension scheme as the private sector and phase in same retirement age.

Administrative staff in the NHS to apply for patient facing positions where qualifications exist and cut adminstration numbers by 20% By July 2011 _ Same targets for local councils,and Government depts average ie somew higher some lower.


Idea 2 Phase out March 31 st Dealines for spending a fixed budget and have a rolling published P&L. Savings to be kept by the authority.


Idea 3 Full access to be given to real costs to outside contractors when tendering – and targets of 20% reduction in hours and labour costs to be targeted.


Idea 4 As redundancies occur cap all payments.


Idea 5 Allow all economic immigration with a sponsor, job and financial backing. Stop all Housing Benefit, Employment Benefit and Healthcare for all who have not been resident for 5 years.


Idea 6. Reduce Draconian  planning laws and allow ribbon development to farmers where they have been in occupation for 10 years

Why does this matter?

Because weare facing economic crisis in the UK akin to that faced after the Second World War, but we have already sold off many of our assets and unless serious measures are taken the fabric of our country. it's heritage and our whole way of life is seriously threatened. Without strong action and some degree of immediacy the British and certainly the English will rapidly become a low wage third class economy.

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