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Switch off Motorway Lighting in Summer Months

Comment 15th July 2010

The M1, M62, M6, M25 and no doubt many other motorways are lit, pretty much, from one end to the other.

The cost of running these lights must be horrendous, yet in the summertime we could pretty much do without them, saving both the money spent powering them for little real gain and the cost of the lamps, which would need replacing less often. Alternatively we could suppress every other lamp during the summer, thus cutting the costs by half.

Why does this matter?

When we need to cut public expenditure drastically, as we do, then every little helps. The savings over say 10 years would be dramatic.

Of course pressure groups like BRAKE will resist but I shouldn't take too much notice of them. Most of their spokesmen I have heard speaking sound like they haven't even got a driving licence.

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