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Tabloids are evil

Comment 2nd August 2010

I am always shocked by the headlines I see on newspaper stands.  It's FANTASTIC that we have a free press in the UK, and no fetters should be placed on it by Government.  It's just a shame that that freedom is used by tabloids predominantly to peddle lies, hate and fear.

There are obviously some papers which are worse than others; the names of some 'news'papers have become synonymous with racism and hatred.

I just wish that children were taught (in school) that much of what they read in tabloid papers: (a) isn't true, (b) if remotely true, is exaggerated and contorted beyond recognition for shock value, (c) has been selected from a broad range of potential stories simply because it has been decided by certain people that that type of story, spun in a particular way, sells papers (not because it is the most important thing going on in the world), and (d) is often the opinion of a bigot, rather than a fair and balanced reporting of facts.

Why does this matter?

Children should be taught to be aware of this issue, and they should be taught how to critique, regard and disregard the endless reams of information and misinformation which they are being force-fed via an increasing range of media

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