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Take all UK land into public ownership

Comment 3rd August 2010

It is unjust that current generations are born into a country where all the land was appropriated (often by violence, or by the legalised violence of the enclosures movement) before their birth, and that consequently they have to pay what are often absurd amounts of money for the privilege of occupying, in the shape of a house or flat, a tiny portion of the country they are supposed to be able to call their own.

Hence my idea is to nationalise all land without compensation, so as to turn it into a public asset from which all can benefit.   Rents should be on a sliding scale, such that ordinary citizens who are content to live in a small flat or family house need pay very little – far less than at present when land is used as a source of private profit – while any individuals and companies that wish to occupy sizeable tracts of land would be required to pay very handsomely for the privilege. 

Thus land would be converted from being a source of private profit through exploiting the housing needs of the unpossessed, and change instead into a useful source of income for the public purse and hence for society generally.   

Why does this matter?

Wealth is grotesquely ill-distributed in the UK, and inequality has increased over recent decades.  The proposal outlined above would be a powerful engine for the long-overdue redistribution of  wealth. 

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