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Take illegal immigration and asylum application out of the legal system

Comment 10th July 2010

Scrap SIAC now.

All illegal immigants and asylum seekers should be placed in a secure unit and assessed by border control. They should have access to interpreters, but not to law. There should be no solicitors or any other body involved. A decision to b made within 4 weeks, then grant of status or deportation.

No ECHR, no judicial appeals or anything else. We all know they are simply a delaying tactic to get the right of abode. If this means opting out of the Human Rights (without responsiblities) regulations, or even the EU, so be it. Enforce the borders. 

For those granted, no British citizenship or passport, and deportation at the first criminal offence.

Anyone deemed o be a risk tothis society should be deported, no matter what they may face in their home country. To keep them here at public expense, as a risk to the public, is ludicrous and makes this contry a laughing stock.

Abu Hamza, extradite now. The constant court sessions are an immense drain to the public purse.

Binyn Mohammed, he isn't British, left this country willingly to obviously join in Jihad, yet we pay a fortune to bring him back and nowlet him try to sue this Govt whilst we pay for all his upkeep and security. Think of the savings to the taxpyers if we got rid of them and not had to pay for constant surveillance, plus all those inteligence officers could be put to more fruitful duties.

Why does this matter?

Public security and savings.

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