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Take State Out of Domestic Affairs

Comment 8th August 2010

The state should have no involvement in domesticity.  The family has historically handled its own affairs. This is because it is nobody's business but the family's.

Real freedom is the freedom to sort out your own problems and issues.

Only in the rare case of a murder being committed should the state come in.

For serious problems, advice bureaux could be set up with a view to helping dysfunctional families. And the aim should be on helping ALL concerned rather than criminalizing anybody (and perhaps making them juicy fodder for the press).

Only in serious cases such as murder should heavy machinery like the police be brought in.

Why does this matter?

Freedom means the freedom to sort out your own affairs.  A diversity of options are already available to problem couples. These might involve help from other members of the family or from friends. Or perhaps divorce in extreme cases.

The police should be kept right out of people's everyday lives.

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