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Tax Caravans and require they stop every 3 miles

Comment 8th July 2010

Free the majority of motorists from the menace of queues caused by this minority towing caravans.

Register and tax all caravans used on the public highway, including travellers, and use some of the money raised to create lay-by's where all slow vehicles and those towing caravans must stop to allow normal traffic to proceed unhindered.

Ban caravans from outer lanes on dual carriageways and motorways.

Why does this matter?

This idea is important because it affects millions of people every day, particularly those using the roads for work and medical reasons.

The disruption caused by caravans on rural roads must be costing millions of pounds a year in fuel, lost production and accidents, not to mention frustration and stress related illnesses.

I recently observed traffic on the A487 for 6 hours, 87% of queues of more than four vehicles were caused by those towing caravans, this is totally unacceptable.

The money raised could help to fund road improvements

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