Tax Foreign lorries & Vans coming into UK

If we put a toll tax on all foreign lorries and large vans say £100 for artics and a sliding scale for smaller vehicles coming into the Country it would not only raise a large amount of revenue but it would also make for a more even playing field for our own transport Companies.

It should not be difficult or expensive to administer either by charging a tax on the ferry ticket or directing traffic through a barrier just like on the toll roads abroad.

We in this Country pay road tax to use our own roads for free but when we travel abroad to France/Germany/Spain etc we pay to use the toll roads. All traffic in these countries do not pay tax on their vehicles so therefore when it comes to negotiating a price for any job they have an advantage which is unfair to our own transport Companies (especially the small ones). 

Why does this idea matter?

My idea is important because;

A.  It raises much needed  revenue

B. It enables us to keep a record of all vehicles entering our Country

C. It can also be used to check that vehicles entering our Country are road worthy and the drivers have the necessary qualifications.

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