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Tax-free investment in UK-based small/new high-tech companies

Comment 15th March 2013

Individuals or groups can invest in new (less than three years old?) or small (less than 25 employees?) companies that are based in the UK. Where investments are in companies founded on UK patents (from UK Universities?), those companies can claim the tax back, just like charity gift aid.

Investing groups might be pension funds, but maybe the amount they can invest might be limited (per company).

All profits on the original investment are tax free. Subsequent investments are tax-free too, as long as the company is still young/small.

Why does this matter?

We need to increase economic growth, which mostly comes from small companies. We have loads of great technologies invented or improved in the UK (web, radar, humanised antibodies, jet engine), but we don't have the culture of private investment to support them. This is especially bad in our pensions. US workers think nothing of putting part of their pension pot in 'high growth stocks'. Stooks like Google. Which is based around the web. Which was vastly improved by a UK genius. So why is Google not based in Leeds?

Please lets stop starving UK brilliance. We can do better.

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