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Tax is Theft

Comment 24th July 2010

Tax is theft. We don't need most government services and the ones we do need are easily replaceable with private enterprise.

Why does this matter?

Private enterprise would give us a product for our money at a competitive price; something the government clearly cannot. 

We would not have things forced on us that we do not wish for, as there wouldn't be enough support.

There would be more jobs for the people who actually want to give a decent service to the public.

Money would be used wisely,  there would be no squandering and there would be no need to borrow ridiculous sums of money.

There would be fairly priced entertainment and activities for families, something we do not have in this country. There is little to do for anyone of every age unless it costs an arm and a leg.

There would be no speed humps, because nobody would opt to pay for them.

We would see vast improvements everywhere, a better Quality of life and at a reduced cost. .

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