Tax the rich.


My idea is simple: To lay on a much higher percentage of tax to the richest people in the country. In 1980's America the wealthly were taxed as much as 90% percent of their income and still had plenty of money. It was only when corporations started gaining more say in politics and more footholds in the White House that the rich were afforded a lot of tax breaks while the working class had to pick up the slack.

The same applies to our country, the wealthy are not taxed as much as they should be because they have all the power. The current arguement against raising taxes seems to be, if you tax rich people too much they will leave the country and our economy will suffer. So the wealthy are effecticvley telling the goverment what to do here.

Maybe some wealthy investors will leave, but I bet some will most will stay and realise what they are doing is for the good of everyone and they should be proud they are able to sacrifice a portion of their wealth to make their country better. They get the chance to be the great philantropists of our times. We need a serious change in attitude, in a world were 1% of the population controls more weatlh then the other 99% it's time to rethink our priorities and ask that 1% to do the right thing and help the rest of us.

Why does this idea matter?


It will help everyone, especially the working classes. Change our world view and the priorities of the this country. Set us apart from other countries and help us to grow in prosperity.

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