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that a public enquiry should be initiated regarding the smoking ban.

Comment 7th September 2010

I am calling for a public enquiry into the smoking ban.

A new study has revealed that The Smoking Ban has indeed been responsible for the decimation of our pubs – there is no doubt about it.

We must put this into context.

Prior to the smoking ban, ASH, funded by the Health Dept and Others, assured the hospitality trade, as a result of various studies and surveys,  that their trade would not suffer if smoking was banned. This has now turned out to be false.

Not only that, but the ban was rushed through using parliamentary tricks which belittle our nation and our democracy.

Further, various physicians have recently been quoted as accusing parents of child abuse if they smoke in the presence of their children.  

I say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The denormalisation and demonisation of smokers must cease!

Why does this matter?

This is important because there are people who have a major imput into government who are massaging the facts and causing mayhem in our country. They are doing major harm, not only to our economy, but also to our hegemony – our belief in our national unity. They are intent upon turning us against each other, not only in respect of smoking, but also, eventually, in respect of our enjoyment of ‘aqua vitae’ and food, and, in due course, any other matter of which they disapprove (flying?).  

Only a public enquiry into the origins and conduct of the ban will eradicate this poison which has entered the body politic of our nation.

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